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ご依頼内容や文量により、料金と納期をお見積りいたします。 (見積りは無料です)


英文校閲・校正 / A4サイズ 1ページあたり 200 ワードダブルスペース


                                    料金 /Fee                  日数 / Time                  

通常料金                    ¥2,520/page            5-7日

特急料金                    ¥3,000/page            1-3日(要相談)


・ A4 page double spaced based on 200 words per page.
・ Service fee is 2,520 yen per page.
・ Standard time required is one week.
・ Express service is available upon request.
・ Formats: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Fax.





All Life Science subjects accepted.
Biology, Medicine, Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Environmental Science and Ecology.
Specializing in revising, editing and proofreading manuscripts for journal submission, abstracts, presentations, research reports, grant proposals, speeches, and larger projects such as book drafts.

Areas of service
Terms of service
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